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Chapter 2 Sources and subjects by Mind Map: Chapter 2 Sources and subjects
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Chapter 2 Sources and subjects

2.8 Wrap-up interview

2.8.1 Interview with Prof. Robert Kolb

2.8.2 Sources of IHL

2.8.3 IHL subjects

2.8.4 Working with the ICRC and for the Swiss army

2.7 Armed Groups

2.7.1 Introduction

2.7.2 Binding armed groups

2.7.3 The weaknesses of the two main schools of thought

2.7.4 Commitments by armed groups

2.7.5 Armed groups and national wars of liberation

2.6 International Organizations

2.6.1 Introduction

2.6.2 International organizations versus member states

2.6.3 Binding international organizations

2.5 States as the primary subjects of IHL

2.5.1 States as the primary subjects of international law

2.4 Is there a hierarchy between these sources?

2.4.1 Introduction

2.4.2 Defining jus cogens and obligations erga omnes

2.4.3 Jus cogens rules of IHL

2.4.4 Erga omnes obligations of IHL

2.3 Custom as a supplementary source of IHL

2.3.1 Introduction

2.3.2 The role played by custom in International Humanitarian Law

2.3.3 Identifying customary International Law

2.3.4 The practice of non-state actors

2.3.5 The elusiveness of state practice

2.3.6 The making of customary IHL: Discussion

2.3.7 The main customary rules of IHL

2.2 Treaties as the main IHL source

2.2.1 Introduction

2.2.2 A review of the main IHL treaties

2.2.3 Specific features of IHL treaties

2.1 Introduction

2.1.1 Introduction

2.1.2 Mindmap Chapter 2