Mobile Applications for the Classroom

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Mobile Applications for the Classroom by Mind Map: Mobile Applications for the Classroom

1. Writing Tools

1.1. Little Bird Tales

1.1.1. Kids all over the world are using the Little Bird Tales app to create their own stories, podcasts, presentations, journals and to share vacation photos. Now, they can also download lessons from their teacher, and send them back for review when complete! The Little Bird Tales app is easy, fast, and fun!

1.2. Writing Prompts for Kids

1.2.1. Boost students' creative writing skills with writing prompts that will spark their imaginations. This writing prompt generator is quick and easy to use; your students will have an inspiring writing topic in seconds. Just tap the screen to pick a situation, a character, a setting, and an object.

1.3. Book Creator

1.3.1. Book Creator allows students to their own story books. They can add pictures, words, videos, music, and even their own words. Students can share their book through email or publish it themselves.

1.4. Haiku Poem

1.4.1. With this app, students can learn about and write haiku, a popular Japanese poem that traditionally has three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. They begin by brainstorming words for their poem, and then they compose their poem with attention to how many syllables they’ve written for each line. The final step allows students to customize the design of their poem with one of the provided artistic backgrounds or by uploading their own image.

1.5. iCanWrite

1.5.1. 'I Can Write' series is designed to help children become an independent writer. This app offers an easy and interactive environment for children to learn how to write correctly in a fun way. Your child will be engaged in creating their own pictures and sentences. 'OK' button allows children to spot their own mistake and correct it without anyone's help.

1.6. Sentence Builder

1.6.1. The Sentence Builder App helps students develop word recognition, listening, and sentence skills. It presents words in random order, then asks players to drag the words into place to make the narrated sentence.

1.7. Story Builder

1.7.1. Story Builder is designed to help children accomplish the following educational goals: 1) Improve paragraph formation; 2) Improve integration of ideas; and 3) Improve higher level abstractions by inference. Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing for special needs children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders.

2. Creation Tools

2.1. Skitch

2.1.1. Skitch is an app that allows students to manipulate new or current images to get something useful to them. Images can be created to send as pictures for questions or directions. Photos can be edited to add notes. Text can even be highlighted using Skitch. This app has a variety of useful tools.

2.2. Powtoon

2.2.1. This creative software allows students to animate their presentation using drag and drop images and user friendly tools. Powtoon lets students create an animated video in just minutes. This app is recognized for its applicability and entertainment and is used by some of the world's top companies, science corporations, and even universities.

2.3. Glogster

2.3.1. This free app allows user to create multimedia posters. Users can add videos, pictures, and comments to their presenation or class project in one space. Glogster allows for the creation of interactive tools, so students can be engaged creating their tool, and even more engaged while view fellow student's Glogster tools.

2.4. Puppet Pals

2.4.1. Puppet Pals is a neat app that records video and converts that image into a cartoon. The app comes with a very basic model but in-app purchases can really expand it to give some great cartoon character videos in any setting.

2.5. Draw and Tell HD

2.5.1. Draw and Tell is a creative story telling app with interactive tools. It allows for students to draw, color, and create their own stories using easy drag and drop tools.

2.6. Toontastic

2.6.1. In this 3D app, students can choose a character, or edit their own, and voice record a scene or short video. The recording matches directly with the characters. They can then edit the character movements and create their own cartoon.

3. Apps to Acquire Information

3.1. Skype

3.1.1. Skype is a communcation app that has a range of uses from international phone calls to group video chats to instant messaging. It is available for tablets, iPads, or smart phones. This is a very easy to use app that millions of people are already using to communicate.

3.2. Epic!

3.2.1. Epic! is an eBook library. Epic!’s award-winning service includes a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books from leading publishers such as Scholastic, National Geographic, HarperCollins, Macmillan and many more. With over 15,000 books available now and many more titles added each week, Epic! has been called the “Netflix of kids' books” – it's an unlimited library your kids can take anywhere!

3.3. Khan Academy

3.3.1. The Khan Academy application is a great resource for students to acquire information. Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance, and more.

4. Audio Tools

4.1. Tellegami

4.1.1. This presentation app allows students to give a small presentation without having to stand in front of the class and speak in real time. Tellegami allows students to record speech or type in their words for computer speak. The image projected from the app is of a student designed avatar in a students selected setting that relates to the topic being presented. This is a great app to expose students to short presentations.

4.2. Chatterpix Kids

4.2.1. This app gives students the ability to record their voice and place it over an image for playback. The image is mildly edited and appears to speak as the audio plays. Teachers can use this app in a variety of ways for learning and reinforcement. Students can use it to display their mastery of the content.

4.3. Audioboo

4.3.1. This app allows teachers, or students, to create up to a 5 minute audio podcast to present to others. The audioboo file can be listened almost on any media. It has a wide range of uses such as digital storytelling, summarizing lessons, intro to lessons, student responses, or reports. Students can use this app to present and interpret information in a wide range of ways.

5. Video Tools

5.1. Green Screen

5.1.1. The #1 Green Screen app for the iPad in Education, now available for the iPhone too! Green Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos and photos. Classroom-tested by kids and teachers, this app emphasizes ease-of-use and simplicity while still enabling fantastic results. With Green Screen by Do Ink, you can tell a story, explain an idea, and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways.

5.2. Sock Puppet

5.2.1. Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and share them on Facebook and YouTube. Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to your voice.

5.3. iMovie

5.3.1. With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app.

5.4. Educreations

5.4.1. Educreations is a unique interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool that's simple, powerful, and fun to use. Annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content as you explain any concept. Teachers can create short instructional videos and share them instantly with students, or ask students to show what they know and help friends learn something new.

6. Evaluation Tools

6.1. SeeSaw

6.1.1. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school and share it with their teachers, parents, classmates, and even the world.

6.2. Evernote

6.2.1. Let Evernote change the way you organize your personal and professional projects. Dive in: take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online into Evernote. We’ll sync everything between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.

6.3. iDoceo

6.3.1. iDoceo is a powerful teaching assistant for the iPad. You can add an unlimited number of students and classes. - Fully fledged grade book, configurable, with custom calculations, attendance and can be linked with Google Classroom. -Lesson planner: Week/Day views - Diary: Day/Week/Month/Timeline views of a single class - Timetable - Seating plans - Resource manager that will help you keep track of PDFs, audio,files,links,images, etc. - Notepads with handwritten notes, drawings and timestamped text

6.4. Quick Key

6.4.1. Created by a 15-year veteran teacher and launched by 250 teachers on Kickstarter. Quick Key’s mobile grading app easily grades paper quizzes and assessments with just one device, anywhere, even without any network connection at all. Paperless classroom? With Quick Key you can send a quiz to your students’ Chromebooks, laptops, or mobile devices (BYOD). Pencil and Paper Classroom? You can grade 100 paper tests in less than 5 minutes, using nothing but the camera on your iPhone or iPad, and our scantron-style bubble sheets are 100% free! Quick Key is the only mobile grading solution that is secure enough for districts, affordable enough for schools, and easy enough for everyday classroom use.

6.5. Edmodo

6.5.1. With Edmodo, you can connect your classroom around a single network and keep track of each of your students’ progress. Students can login and participate from any phone, tablet or computer, and can take quizzes from within the app. Facilitate discussion and debate within a single class group or browse topics for extra resources related to your subject.

6.6. Socrative

6.6.1. Students share their understanding by answering formative assessment questions in a variety of formats: quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races. Once students launch the Socrative Student App, they'll be prompted to join the teacher's room via the teacher's unique code. No student accounts necessary!

6.7. Additio

6.7.1. Additio is a revolutionary, easy-to-use gradebook and class planner for teachers that allows you to conveniently manage the day-to-day of your classes, with all the benefits of the iPad and without the need of an Internet connection.

7. Classroom Management Apps

7.1. Classtree

7.1.1. Classtree is a safe and easy way to go paperless with permission slips and other parent contacts. Teachers and administration can conduct surveys and receive instant feedback from the parents of their students. It's an easy app to operate and improves communication between parents and teachers.

7.2. Class Dojo

7.2.1. This is an easy to use communication app designed for parents, students, and educators. Parents can stay up to date with what the students are working on as teachers and students post photos and comments on the app. An app like this allows parents and teachers to stay in communication without having to make phone calls or send emails.

7.3. Remind

7.3.1. Remind is a useful communication app that allows teachers to send free text messages to their parents and students in order to give updates and reminders. Users must become part of the Remind app and then they can receive these updates without doing anything else. Remind does track all conversations so that educators can print and use those conversations to help track students better.

7.4. Teacher Aide Pro 2

7.4.1. Teacher Aide Pro 2 is an app that allows teachers to run elements of their classroom through their smart phone. Simple concepts like attendance, seating charts, missing assignments, or students progress can all be found in this easy to use app. This is a free app with a $1 in app purchase to get the upgraded version, which could be worth it if you use these type of tools. Teacher Aide Pro helps keep teachers organized and find the class information without having to log into a computer.