Universal Music Group

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Universal Music Group by Mind Map: Universal Music Group

1. Public Relations

1.1. Helping clients develop a clear message of what their brand is and what service they provide

1.1.1. Manage the reputation of artist, and gaining understanding as well as support for artist. Also to help influence the opinions of others Uses all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of artist.

2. legal

2.1. Handle contracts and assist the company in making sure they aren't breaking laws.

2.1.1. Drafting contracts, negotiating record label artist and performance contracts.

2.1.2. Working with song writers, managers, producers, and the label drafting contracts for distribution, music publishing, and music placement.

3. accounting

3.1. implements record label advertising campaigns to build awareness amongst the public about upcoming projects.

3.1.1. advise and work with musicians and the company financial matters

3.1.2. help musicians/ industry companies with their tax returns and other financial statements. review royalty statements. help with financing, analyzing contracts, and review business plans

4. Artist Relations

4.1. Keeps communication lines open between artist and label.

4.2. Mediates situations between the artist and label such as contracts, finances etc.

4.2.1. Arrange promotional appointments to coincide with a new release, tours, or notable acheivement.

5. A&R coordinator

5.1. Finds fresh talent for the label and oversees the completion of an album

6. A&R administrator

6.1. Handles clerical elements and maintains the budgets for the artist signed to a label by working with and accountant and legal