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V For Vendetta by Mind Map: V For Vendetta

1. Lewis Prothero

1.1. Characteristics

1.1.1. Loves His Dolls "My dolls. That's part of my collection. How did you.. They were all safely locked away when I left for work..."

1.1.2. Wears a blue commander uniform "...where am I? What happened?... and what am I doing wearing this uniform"

1.1.3. A commander at the resettlement camp where V was. "Larkhill 1993... I was there, Commander Prothero"

1.1.4. He is the voice of fate which is the radio board-cast that travels through London "Lewis Prothero, He does the voice. The voice of fate" - Page 16 "Good morning London, This is the voice of fate"

1.1.5. Foolish and cruel man " used to call out to us sometimes. Little Jokes. You had a special name for the medical block. You used to call it the funny farm" - Page 34

1.2. Character Relationships

1.2.1. Relationship with Evey Lewis doesn't know that Evey is a person or working with V He has never met Evey before and never will

1.2.2. Relationship with V He has conversed with V before due to the resettlement camp they were both involved in. Lewis doesn't recognise V until, V shows him the gates of the resettlement camp and the doors. The Mask makes it hard to recognise V.

1.3. Character Conflicts

1.3.1. V stole his dolls "What are you doing with my dolls? My God if you've damaged them... they're priceless!..."

1.3.2. V kidnaps him "The shadow gallery Lewis Prothero: ...Hello? I say, is there anybody there?" - Page 31

1.4. Character Development

1.4.1. Lewis has a breakdown when he is shown his dolls in the arms of V. Which causes him to become a lot more vulnerable

1.5. Character Values

1.5.1. Authority "A man of many Talents, Eh Commander?" - Page 34 The term Commander is a position of power and authority

1.5.2. Status "The ovens commander, you used to work the ovens" - Page 34 Commander is role within an organisation, it gives lewis a status which holds great power and influence.

1.5.3. Aggressiveness "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DOLLS?" - Page 33

1.6. Character Goals

1.6.1. He wants to keep his collection of dolls alive

1.6.2. He wants to continue the voice of Fate

1.7. Character Perceptives

1.7.1. He doesn't see anything wrong in the society because he is part of the government that enforces all the hardship

2. V

2.1. Character Development

2.1.1. He may have changed in personality but his ideology continued throughout the book

2.1.2. He becomes more in touch with his feelings near the end of the book

2.2. Character Goals

2.2.1. He wants to keep Evey safe and protected

2.2.2. He wants to destroy the government

2.2.3. He wants to kill off all the people that hurt him when he was at the resettlement camp

2.3. Characteristics

2.3.1. Wears a Mask "To my left is an enlargement of the suspects's face, I'm afraid the Mask makes retinal identification impossible" - Page 15 The Mask is the only way in the book, of identifying who V is "But the frozen Mask Just smiles" - Page 179

2.3.2. He is Intelligent "Happiness is prison, Evey. Happiness is the most insidious prison of all" - Chapter 13

2.3.3. Opinionated

2.3.4. He's rebellious V doesn't follow the societies ambitions and rules. He wants to go against them instead.

2.3.5. Very Ambiguous Throughout the book, we never find out his age or real name. We only have the mask and the letter "V"

2.4. Character Conflicts

2.4.1. He put fellow character Evey into "prison" "I didn't put you in prison Evey. I just showed you the bars" - Page 170

2.4.2. Ends up dying at the end of the book

2.4.3. Blows up the houses of parliament and many other landmarks

2.5. Character Values

2.5.1. Loyalty Throughout the book, V always stays loyal to Evey. He doesn't leave her unprotected and scared. Loyalty to me is very important. Loyalty to friends and family is a key value of mine and is something that both V and I share.

2.5.2. Determination V is very determined to complete what he wants he wants and his end goals I feel that determination is one of V traits that i feel admire. His determination in his mission is inspiring, being more determined is something that I want to improve in my life.

2.5.3. Leadership "Oh Yes, You'll be needed... But not until the very end. That be sooner than you think.... You must prepare yourself" - Page 178 V leads Evey into doing things he wants and she does them, following his orders.

2.5.4. Honesty "This is my secret LOVE NEST Eve... I'm taking you to meet my MISTRESS." - Page 200 V has no problem telling other characters like Evey what they think and what they are doing.

2.6. Character Relationships

2.6.1. Relationship with Evey He Loves her "Because I Love You. Because I want to set you free" - Page 167 He is very controlling towards her He is protective with her

2.7. Character Perceptives

2.7.1. V doesn't like the way that London had become so in response he created the terror attacks

2.7.2. V didn't like the way he and many others were treated when at the resettlement camp with commands like Lewis

3. Evey

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. Only 16 years old "...I mean i'm 16, I know what i'm doing" - Page 11

3.1.2. Very naive "V I didn't know you were going to kill him! Killing is Wrong!" Pg 64

3.1.3. Resulted to prostitution due being low in money "...Uh... would... would you like to sleep with me or anything?... I mean...Uh... for Money?" - Page 10

3.1.4. She's Very emotional "I read her letter, I hide it, I sleep, I wake, they question me, I cry, it gets dark, it gets light, I read her letter again...over and over" Pg 155 " was my integrity that was important. Is that so selfish? It bells for so little, but it's all we have left in this place" Pg 156

3.2. Character Goals

3.2.1. She embraces the goals of V, which is to destroy the power and government.

3.2.2. She wants to be stable and be able to support herself

3.2.3. She wants a better life than the one she had before V and his shadow Gallery

3.3. Character Conflicts

3.3.1. She gets locked in a jail cell and gets tortured, it turns out to be V

3.3.2. She almost got arrested for attempted prostitution

3.3.3. V died and left her alone with his ideology and shadow gallery

3.4. Character Values

3.4.1. Loyality All throughout the book Evey stuck with V even when he was cruel and mean towards her

3.4.2. Forgiveness "Thank you... Thank you for what you've done for me" - Page 174 After V in prison's her she chooses to forgive him and thank him for his kindness

3.4.3. Honest "Shut up! I don't wanna hear it! I wasn't in prison! I was happy! I was happy until you threw me out" - Chapter 13

3.5. Character Development

3.5.1. Developed from naive girl to a strong women

3.5.2. She learns to be strong and protective

3.5.3. At the end of the book Evey understands V's aim, she the will carry on the attacks and destruction.

3.5.4. At the start she started with prostitution and at the end she is strong and capable of taking over V's role

3.6. Character Relationships

3.6.1. Relationship with V He Loves Him She doesn't agree with his actions

3.6.2. Relationship With Lewis Evey doesn't know much about lewis Evey may/may not know what V did to Lewis's dolls. The book doesn't show evey in those scenes.

3.7. Character Perceptive

3.7.1. Evey doesn't like the way society is, at 16 she is supporting herself

3.7.2. She doesn't like it but was too scared to doing anything but with V she can do anything

4. Description

4.1. Made by

4.1.1. Alan Moore

4.1.2. David Lloyd

4.1.3. Steve Whitaker

4.1.4. Siobhan Doods

4.2. What is it about?

4.2.1. The Book is a post world war story where London is controlled by a Fascist Government. In an attempt to destroy this government called V uses terrorist tactics. Along the way he saves a young girl named Evey, who helps destroy the government.

4.3. What year was it made?

4.3.1. In 1989

4.4. What genre's are in the Book?

4.4.1. Humour

4.4.2. Science Fiction

4.4.3. Speculative Fiction

4.4.4. Utopian and dystopian Fiction

5. The Dystopian Genre

5.1. Fictional

5.2. Used to explore social + political structures in a dark and gloomy world

5.3. Commonly used in science fiction and speculative fiction genres

5.4. The Dystopian Genre is present in books that set in gloomy political and social times.

5.5. Character's in the novel such as Evey and V. Fight against this idea of a dystopian society.

5.5.1. Which they do by cause great pain and suffering to those in a position of power