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Sound by Mind Map: Sound

1. Pitch

1.1. depends on Frequency

2. consists of audible frequencies from 20 Hz to 2okHz

2.1. e.g.echoes

2.2. if above 20 kHz

2.2.1. ultrasound

2.3. if below 20Hz

2.3.1. infrasound

2.4. New node

3. Echo

3.1. v=2d÷t

3.2. reflected sounds that cannot be heard as separate sounds after an interval of silence

4. the greater the amplitude,the louder the sound

5. Loudness

5.1. depends on amplitude

6. frequencies produced by vibrations

6.1. propagated by longitudinal waves

6.1.1. through compression,rarefaction

6.1.2. requires medium affects speed Vsolid>V liquid>V gas

7. Speed

7.1. v=d÷t

8. the higher the frequency of a sound, the higher its pitch