Utopia-Thomas More

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Utopia-Thomas More by Mind Map: Utopia-Thomas More

1. Property in Utopia

1.1. There is no private property in the Utopia and everything is stored in open wearhouses.

1.2. People switch homes every ten years.

2. Working Life

2.1. Agriculture was the most important job and everyone participated and had equal responsibilities.

2.2. Weaving, metalsmithing, carpentry, and masonry are also taught.

2.2.1. Tasks are simple deliberately so that no one is better than anyone else.

3. Slavery

3.1. Every household had two slaves who were either criminals or foreigners.

3.2. Criminal slaves were fettered in gold so as to make them hate the substance and humiliate them.

4. Government

4.1. There is one King who was the founder

4.2. Each town has its own elected mayor.

5. Utopia's Critique Of Britain

5.1. He was trying to criticize the Protestants, which England was full of.

5.2. He wanted a communal lifestyle as a opposed to his bustling London urban lifestyle, which he seems to have disliked.

6. Overview

6.1. His Utopia is a Christian humanist view of an ideal society.

6.1.1. A Christian who believes it is up to humans to change the world based off Christ's model.

6.2. More doesn't simply offer a theoretical view, but he provides specifics for how to create this world.

6.3. Utopia offers a Christianized form of Plato's Republic.

7. Christian Synthesis

7.1. The Christian aspect of the synthesis is Christ's gospel of caring for the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden.

7.2. The Platonic, Republican tradition is the Greek aspect of the synthesis.

7.3. More wrote Utopia with a comedic tone, allowing him to speak his truth while telling a deeper story.

8. Humor and Comedy

8.1. Name Utopia is a joke because Utopia means no where.

8.2. The local political system is called a sty as in a pig house.

9. How do people of the Utopia Find Happiness?

9.1. There is religious tolerance.

9.2. Divorse is allowed.

9.3. Simple and easy laws. No lawyers!