My life in France

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My life in France by Mind Map: My life in France

1. My Games

1.1. I do some bike

1.1.1. I go fast with my bike!

1.1.2. My bike is green and black.

1.2. I do quad bike with my dady

1.2.1. I go fast

1.2.2. I like it!

1.2.3. I have my own quad bike.

2. My Family

2.1. We have a lot of fun.

2.2. We play a lot.

2.3. We laugh a lot.

3. Neighbours

3.1. We don't have a lot of neighbours .

3.2. But we play a lot with them.

3.3. We get a long very well.

4. My School

4.1. I have a lot of friends at school.

4.2. We play football.

4.3. We laugh a lot.

5. My House

5.1. It is in the campaign.

5.2. We see the mountain.