Smart Care Strategy

Smart Care Strategy

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Smart Care Strategy by Mind Map: Smart Care Strategy

1. Marketing Strategy

1.1. FaceBook Strategy

1.1.1. Success Stories

1.1.2. Community Dona Facebook Account connect with all employees on facebook and interact with them Socialy Activities celebrate with employees about their social or professional events Integrate FeedBack Spreading and Interactive Testimonials

1.1.3. How Big is Smart Care Features Customers & Achivments

1.1.4. Company News posting Continuously about Smart Care Features

1.1.5. Innovations Posts about innovations in healthcare field

1.2. Smart Care Delivarables and UX

1.2.1. SMS and PHR

1.2.2. Optimizing outputs and reports

1.2.3. UX Optmization

1.2.4. Friendly Smart Care friendly conversations and messages and emotions hints and Suggestions

1.3. Expand into 5 new countries

1.3.1. KSA-Riyad

1.3.2. KSA- North

1.3.3. KSA- east

1.3.4. Mauritania

1.3.5. Oman

1.3.6. Yemen

1.3.7. Kuwit

1.4. make deals with 6 new midum hospitals

1.4.1. Direct Contact present smart care to 60 Hospital this year get more local agents and partners visit 5 new hospitals every month collecting data about new and old hospitals

1.5. our website

1.6. Insurance Companies

1.7. Add Smart Care to Reviews platforms

1.7.1. manage reviews

1.7.2. one platform per month

2. Technical Strategy

2.1. Smart Care AI Assistant

2.1.1. General

2.1.2. Medical AI Diagnosing Robot integration with Smart Care Payed API

2.2. Imaging and 3D rendering

2.2.1. PACS and DICOM

2.3. Devices and Censors

2.4. Smart Care for Small Enterprises(cloud base)

2.5. generating new innovative ideas

2.5.1. brainstorming open session every week

2.5.2. open mindmap

2.5.3. Discover the world

2.6. Development Life Cycle and processes

2.6.1. using task mangment software

2.6.2. using source control

2.6.3. write well documented Software requirements Documents

2.6.4. write well user guides

3. Customer Satisfaction

3.1. Target: 99% customer Satisfaction

3.1.1. Customers Feedback certificates customers satisfaction survey

3.1.2. very fast technical support and good understanding for customers needs ticketing system tickets resolving time

4. Competitor Analysis

4.1. local

4.1.1. get complete list of our competitors advantages, screenshots is also preferable(weekly session)

4.2. international

4.2.1. get complete list of our international competitors and HMS Systems advantages, screenshots is also preferable (weekly session)