Thomas Moore: Utopia

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Thomas Moore: Utopia by Mind Map: Thomas Moore: Utopia

1. Christian Synthesis

1.1. The Christian aspect of the synthesis is Christ's gospel of caring for the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden.

1.2. The Platonic, Republican tradition is the Greek aspect of the synthesis.

1.3. More wrote Utopia with a comedic tone, allowing him to speak his truth while telling a deeper story.

2. Utopia's Division

2.1. private property given by government

2.2. can only live in the government-given property for ten years

2.3. (communism)

2.4. no locks on doors, etc.

3. Slavery

3.1. criminals (released for good behavior)

3.2. they are tethered down with chains of gold; makes citizens develop a dislike for wealth, also makes it harder to steal the city's collective wealth

4. Government

4.1. scholars usually in charge

4.2. laws are simple so everyone can understand; no lawyers

4.3. town mayor elected from ten bencheaters, who oversee the ten stywards

5. Overview

5.1. Thomas More's Utopia is a Christian-humanist view of an ideal society.

5.2. More does not simply offer a theoretical view, but provides specifics for how to create this world.

5.3. Utopia offers a Christianized form of Plato's Republic.

6. Humor and Parody

6.1. Utopia means nowhere

6.2. The community government group is called a sty (calling all the people of Britain pigs)

7. Working Life

7.1. everyone is taught how to live in the countryside + how to farm

7.2. men and women do the same work; all able-bodied people work (no unemployment, shorter working hours)

7.3. everyone must learn an essential trade (these trades are simple trades focused on creating the 'essentials')

7.4. ruling class is compromised of scholars (picked from an early age for their intellect)

8. Social Critique

8.1. Christian dogma included and discarded seemingly at random

8.2. toleration of many religions; atheism allowed, though despised

8.3. shows the overly complicated nature of European society

8.4. through showing the opposite (a society unconcerned with the material), shows the inherent corruption w/n the reality

9. Happiness in Utopia

9.1. found in living a simple life

9.2. living a community-oriented life, that has set morals (though morals that are somewhat skewed from most Christianity)