Charlotte's Web

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Charlotte's Web by Mind Map: Charlotte's Web

1. Charlotte is mortified by this and asks to keep the pig.

2. To save the pig, Wilbur, from being butchered, Charlotte writes words in her web.

3. Henry, Fern's frient

4. Mr. Arable is going to "get rid of" a runt pig.

5. Charlotte's Web is a wonderful book. I have read it many times to myself and to many classrooms over the years. It is a classic book that all students should read at some point.

6. Characters

6.1. Charolotte, a spider

6.2. Wilbur, a pig

6.3. Fern, a human

6.4. John, Fern's father

6.5. Templeton, a rat

7. Plot

8. Setting

8.1. N

8.1.1. Mr. Arable's farm

8.1.2. Mr. Zuckerman's farm (Fern's uncle)

9. Recommention

10. Author

10.1. E.B. White

11. Copyright

11.1. 1952

12. Illustrator

12.1. Garth Williams