Fastest Way to Your First Deal

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Fastest Way to Your First Deal by Mind Map: Fastest Way to Your First Deal

1. Fastest Way to a Winning Mindset

1.1. Identify Your Current Situation

1.1.1. Honest Evaluation

1.1.2. Get Uncomfortable

1.2. Act as if there is No Alternative

1.2.1. Land Lord Mindset

1.2.2. Tenant Mindset

1.3. Let Your Why Drive You

1.3.1. Find Your Why

1.3.2. Perpetual Motivation

2. Fastest CRM Solution

2.1. Freedomsoft


2.2.1. Tags

2.2.2. Call Flows

2.2.3. Quick Response Feature

3. Fastest Way to Get Motivated Seller Leads

3.1. Use Property Avatar

3.2. Pull List

3.3. Use this Postcard in Click2Mail

3.4. Fastest Way to Understand Your Market (Perfect Property Avatar)

3.4.1. Who is Buying Last Six Months Keep the Duplicates

3.4.2. What they are Buying Year Built Square Footage Tax Assessment

3.4.3. How Much are They Paying Square Footage Price

4. Fastest Way to Pull Comps




5. Fastest Way to Get the Contract

5.1. Offers Over the Phone

5.1.1. Whats it WORTH

5.1.2. What do you OWE

5.1.3. What do you WANT

5.2. Your First Acquisitions Person

5.3. Run'em Yourself

5.3.1. Seller Sequence Build Rapport Identify the Problem Present the Solution The Close

6. Fastest Way to Get Buyers

6.1. Find Repeat Buyers

6.2. Property Avatar List

6.3. Call'em Up

7. Fastest Way to Get Paid

7.1. Assign the Contract

7.2. Double Close

7.3. Buy and Relist (Wholetail)

8. Introduction

8.1. Speed of Implementation

8.1.1. Learn

8.1.2. Assimilate

8.1.3. Execute (Take Action)

8.2. How the Business Works

8.2.1. Deal Flow Calls Leads Appointments Contracts Checks

8.2.2. Its All About Value Find Value (Equity) Capture Value Sell the Value (Just Say YES)

8.3. Expectations

8.3.1. Marketing is only the first Step

8.3.2. Expect to Mail and Not Get a Deal the 1st Time

8.3.3. Follow Up is Crucial to Success (Eliminate Competition)

9. Fastest Way to Follow Up

9.1. Make Offers

9.2. Follow Up By Phone

9.2.1. Immediately

9.2.2. Until they Go Dark

9.3. Build In House Follow Up List