Skimming And Scanning

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Skimming And Scanning by Mind Map: Skimming And Scanning

1. These are two techniques that will help you get a general idea of the text that you have in front of you in a faster way

2. It is mostly a "localization aid" to look for figures, dates or key phrases.

3. An example of scanning a text is when you look for a number in the phone book, you do not read all the names but you search for a specific one, or also when you search for a word in the dictionary.

4. Scanning

5. Another method for speed reading is scanning, also known as scan reading.

6. The text scanner is very useful when you need to find specific information that you already know beforehand and you do not have time to read everything.

7. As with all study techniques, both the scanner and the skimming will be more effective the more you practice them.

8. Skimming

9. Skimming is used to search the main ideas of a text, reading the first and last paragraphs.

10. In skimming the idea is to identify key concepts, data and key dates, so it is not necessary to read every word in the text.

11. This method is very effective for the review of materials that has already been studied previously.