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360ºkids by Mind Map: 360ºkids

1. Mission/Vision

1.1. The mission of 360ºkids is to help youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability.

1.2. The vision of 360ºkids is "Every kid has access to a safe home"

2. Equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

2.1. The programs and services use holistic approach to surround kids in crisis with care.

2.2. The staff and care providers represent diverse cultures and brings various experiences to the programs.

2.3. The programs and services provide a wide range of supports for at risk youth, children, young families with children rebuild their lives.

2.4. 360°kids is committed and guided by the four core principles of Dignity, Independence, Integration and Equal Opportunity and supports the full inclusion of persons as set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

3. Introduction

3.1. History

3.1.1. 360ºkids began over 26 years ago as two separate agencies that were developed to address the needs of the communities of York Region: The Markham Neighbourhood Support Centre and Youth Housing Markham. These agencies supposed needs of young families with children and homeless youth,

3.2. Now

3.2.1. 360ºkids today serves over 1,300 families, and over 2,800 youth, each year from every corner of the world and this number will grow significantly with the new facility in Richmond Hill. 360ºkids staff represent many cultures and experiences and offer high quality, innovative programs

4. Programs and Services Offered

4.1. For Families and Children

4.1.1. Afterschool Program

4.1.2. Family Programs

4.2. Support for Youth

4.2.1. Youth Housing Connections Emergency Housing Youth Residential Homes S.T.A.Y (Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth) Youth Housing and Support Workers

4.2.2. Employment Programs Youth Job Connection

4.2.3. Support Services Home Base Youth Drop-in Centres Youth Outreach Programs Aftercare and Transitional Support Counselling

4.2.4. iGrad

5. References

5.1. Visit the website at