Mental Health and Well Being in Middle and Late Adolescence

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Mental Health and Well Being in Middle and Late Adolescence by Mind Map: Mental Health and Well Being in Middle and Late Adolescence

1. A positive mental health means:

1.1. 1. A positive attitude toward self

1.1.1. --> meaning, one knows his or her strengths and weakness and his or her objective view of self and he or she accepts it. example: Shay knows that she is not perfect and her vocabulary skills is not great. Instead of giving up and hiding in her room, she does her best and study hard when it comes to vocabulary word. Shay knows her weakness and she accepts it. Rather than being sad about it, she made it her strength to study hard to get better results.

1.2. 2. Growth, development and self-actualization

1.2.1. --> meaning, one entails successful achievement of each development task and he or she seeks new growth and new challenges in life. example: Dianne is the smartest in her school. Instead of slacking and being lazy, she entered a music class to learn how to learn the piano. Dianne chose to learn something new and challenge her limits instead of staying the same smart Dianne. Instead of being lazy, she strives to be better in new topics such as music and not just in academics.

1.3. 3. Integration

1.3.1. --> meaning, one knows how to balance various life processes such as: between what is expressed and what is repressed between outer and inner conflicts without falling apart drives a regulation of one's emotions and reactions

1.4. 4. Autionomy

1.4.1. --> meaning, one knows how to accept responsibilities and its outcomes `example: Mark's group broke an expensive lab tool because of his carelessness. Instead of blaming his group mate, he took the blame for himself and receive the punishment alone. Mark was responsible and honest about his mistake. Instead of being a coward and lying to his teachers, he told the truth and he accepted his punishment to his wrong actions in the lab.

1.5. 5. Perception of reality

1.5.1. --> meaning, one has a perception of the environment without distortion and as well as the capacity of empathy and social sensitivity example: Taylor's friend was talking about her problem about her ability to speak in public. Instead of laughing at his friend, Taylor continued to listen despite the fact that the other friends are laughing at her. Instead of laughing at his friend, like what the the other friend are doing, Taylor showed empathy and he listened to her problem instead of laughing at her,

1.6. 6. Environmental mastery

1.6.1. --> meaning, it is the ability to achieve a satisfactory role in a group, society or environment with reasonable feeling of controlling his situation. example: Harvey was a member of the group and his team is failing because of the leader's poor leading skills. Instead of declaring a new leader, Harvey decided to prevent the group from failing by helping the leader lead the group and helping the other members with their task.

2. A person with a healthy mind ( or mentally healthy) is:

2.1. 1. Comfortable with himself or herself

2.2. 2. Feeling right about other people

2.3. 3. Able to meet the demands of life.