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Mental Health by Mind Map: Mental Health

1. Healthy Person

1.1. Oneself

1.1.1. Ability to accept one's flaws

1.1.2. Can handle emotions

1.1.3. Able to adapt through life

1.1.4. Able to accept life's disappointments

1.2. Perspective on others

1.2.1. Can communicate and associate themselves well

1.2.2. Has a sense of belonging

1.2.3. Has the ability to love and care for others

1.2.4. Has a long satisfying relationship with others

2. Positive Mental Health

2.1. Attitude towards self

2.1.1. Accepting one's own limitations and strengths

2.2. Growth, Development, and Self Actualization

2.2.1. Achievement of tasks

2.3. Integration

2.3.1. Maintaining an equilibrium and balance

2.4. Autonomy

2.4.1. Able to perform independently

2.5. Perception of Reality

2.5.1. Ability to see things truthfully without any distortion

2.6. Environmental Mastery

2.6.1. Has an active role in the society

3. Defintion

3.1. Involves our emotional, psychological, and social well being

3.2. Represented through our thoughts, actions, and behavior

3.3. Level of complete cognitive and emotional well being

3.4. An individual should realize his/her own potential and can cope through stressors

4. Mental Illness

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. Conditions of mental health that affects our cognitive and emotional well being

4.2. Symptoms

4.2.1. Mood changes a lot

4.2.2. Agitation

4.2.3. Lack of concentration

4.2.4. Withdrawal from friends and family

4.2.5. Excessive fears and worries

4.2.6. Sleeping problems

4.2.7. Suicidal thinking