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Capri Cafaro by Mind Map: Capri Cafaro
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Capri Cafaro

OH Rep. D-32nd District

Money to Capri Cafaro

Patrick Kennedy $500

Former US D-Rep. Rhode Island

Frank Fuda $25

Trumball County Commisioner

Money from Cafaro

Deborah Newcomb $100

Candidate OH House

Former D-OH Attorney General Richard Cordray $200

OH Rep. Stephen Slesnick. D-Canton $500

OH Rep. Tom Letson. D-Warren $500

Richard Reinbold $3,640

Candidate OH Senate

Frank Comunale $10,000

Candidate OH Senate

Money from Capri Cafaro to Political Party Committees

House Democratic Caucus Fund $300

Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $8,500

Ohio Senate Democrats $87,789.38

Money to Capri Cafaro from Political Party Committees

Ashtabula County Democratic Executive Committee $300

Trumbull County Democratic Women's Caucus $25