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GR INTERNAL - HowlRound - Revised Site Architecture v1: AMPLIFY IDEAS // FACILITATE CONNECTIONS by Mind Map: GR INTERNAL - HowlRound - Revised Site Architecture v1: AMPLIFY IDEAS // FACILITATE CONNECTIONS

1. Omnipresent

1.1. JOIN THE COMMONS (create profile)

1.2. Meet the Commons

1.2.1. Theatremakers (Profile list OR link to WTM)

1.2.2. Organizations (Profile list OR link to WTM)

1.2.3. Contributors recent profiles created most recent comment most recent featured most recent published

1.3. Grow the Commons

1.3.1. submit your pitch

1.3.2. livestream

1.3.3. convene

1.3.4. host a twitter chat

1.3.5. invite a collaborator (?)


1.4.1. email digest

1.4.2. storify

1.4.3. RSS feeds podcast journal

1.4.4. Social Media Facebook (HowlRound) Twitter (WTM) Instagram (HowlRound)

1.4.5. youtube channel?

1.5. About HowlRound

1.5.1. Meet the Team

1.5.2. Mission Vision Values

1.5.3. Press Simple list of outside publications Publication Title Article title and link Date (Month, Year)


1.6.1. Search by Keyword, different than EXPLORE as it's node driven rather than taxonomy-driven

1.7. Donate

1.8. Shop

1.8.1. Bags

1.8.2. Books

1.8.3. Mugs

1.8.4. TShirt

1.9. Contact Us

1.10. Give Feedback

1.11. Terms of use

1.11.1. Creative Commons policy and license terms

1.12. Partner/Sponsor Logos

1.12.1. HowlRound

1.12.2. Emerson

1.13. Espagnol


2.1. search page with robust taxonomy filter (Table of Contents?)

3. LATINX THEATRE (1st most commented)

4. DESIGN (1st most upvoted/recommended)

5. SITE-SPECIFIC (1st most shared)

6. CREATIVE PLACEMAKING (1st most read)

7. Second Menu

7.1. Climate Change (editor's topic pick)

7.2. Conflict Zones (editor's topic pick)

7.3. Migration (editor's topic pick)

7.4. Rural/Urban Divide (editor's topic pick)

7.5. Social Justice (editor's topic pick)

7.6. HowlRound Series

7.7. HowlRound Platforms (Series CT linking to Platform Taxonomy pages)

7.8. Up Next (Events List)

8. Site Structure

8.1. CTs

8.1.1. Series (Magazine-Style Landing Page) handrolled paragraphs page with featured / related articles. Homepage may share many of the Series design elements. Can this page design be used to create a list of other Series? Ie, can this page also be used to be the HowlRound Platform landing page?

8.1.2. Event Collection (filterable list of Event teasers)

8.1.3. Topic Collection (Article + Event teasers by Topic Taxonomy) Title Description / Definition of Term Editor's Picks teasers - events & journal Most Recent within this Term (teasers) teasers - events & journal Highlights / Trending (in the commons) (teasers - events and journal) Most Shared Most Upvoted / Recommended Most Read / watched Most Commented Featured Upcoming Event if event is related, display event regardless of when in the future it is if no related event, display Featured Event Featured Contributors Individual Profile Teasers Map Relationships by topic Events? Individuals? Organizations?

8.1.4. Profile Collection (list of Organization or Individual Profile teasers)

8.1.5. Event Title Summary Links for Video Embed Livestream Archive Link to Sound File Produced by HowlRound? (boolean) About Invitation (Description that presents before and during event) Archival summary (updated post-event, if needed) Date/Time Start Date/Time End Date/Time (optional) UPCOMING / ARCHIVE Producing, Presenting, Festival, or Development Organization Organization Profile Featured Participants / Contributors Person Profile(s) - long teaser Additional Participants Person Profiles (short teaser) Transcription link Event Type HR Platform Related Article / Journal Entries (reciprocal relationship between nodes) Residency Group (if relevant) Cohort 2: 2016-2019 Cohort 1: 2013-2016 LOCATION Topic Taxonomies Visitor Actions Editor's Block

8.1.6. Article Title Summary Body Author(s) Person Profile Date Published How long it takes to read this piece Series (reciprocal relationship to a series node, displays series title) Embeds video audio HR Platform Featured Content Relationships Residency Organization Profile Person Profile Event Topic Taxonomies Location Region Country State/Province City Map integrations? Visitor Actions Editor's Block

8.1.7. PROFILE Organization Profile Organization Name Founding Year About / Mission Contact Information Location Form/Genre/Style Organization Type Content Relationships Person Profile (Drupal User) Drupal User fields First Name Last Name Gender identity Ethnicity/race/cultural identity Photo / Headshot Contact info About (Bio) PARTICIPATION Location Individual Type Form/Genre/Style Content Relationships

8.1.8. Product Product Name Price Paypal Add to Cart Description Image

8.1.9. Basic Page Title WYSIWYG Taxonomies Visitor Actions Editor's Block

8.2. Taxonomies

8.2.1. Location (MAP INTEGRATION) Region Country State/Province City Map Coordinates

8.2.2. Event Type (specific to Event CT) Podcast Performance Reading Workshop Festival Conference Panel Discussion Interview Twitter Chat Livestream Convening / Conference Festival Invitation: Call for Submissions / Entries

8.2.3. Individual Type (Specific to Individual CT) Administrator, Manager, Producer Agent, Representative Choreographer Curator/Programmer Designer Designer: Costume Designer: Lighting Designer: Projection Designer: Props Designer: Scenic Designer: Sound Director Dramaturg Educator / Scholar Funder Journalist/Critic Music Composer Other Performer Actor/Performer Performer: Musician Performer: Singer Performer: Dancer Playwright Production/Technical Staff Student Translator

8.2.4. Organization Type (specific to Org CT) Cultural / Sociocultural Service Development / Residency Organization Festival Funder / Supporting Institution Network / Association / Union Performing Company / Ensemble Playwright Collective Producer / Presenter Resource Centre School / University / Training Organization Venue Other

8.2.5. HowlRound Platform Journal World Play Map Playwright Residency Convening Weekly Twitter Chat HowlRound TV Podcast

8.2.6. Vocation / Career Track (Topic Taxonomy) Arts Administration Careers Casting Criticism Curation/Artistic Direction Design Music Directing Dramaturgy Leadership Literary Management Movement Choreography Stage Combat New Play Development Not-for-Profit Boards Pedagogy Performance/Acting Playwriting Adaptation Translation Producing Production and Technology Stage Management Theatre Education/Training

8.2.7. Form/Genre/Style (Topic Taxonomy) Burlesque / Cabaret Circus Civic Theatre Classical Club Theatre Comedy Community Theatre Contemporary Dance / Movement / Choreography Documentary Theatre Eco Theatre Ensemble/Devised Work Experimental Geek Theatre Hip Hop Theatre Immersive Theatre Improvisation Monologue/Solo performance Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Musical Theatre New Technology New Work Object theatre/Puppetry Opera Performance Art Physical Theatre Poetry Political Theatre Shakespeare Site-specific Theatre for Young Audiences Young People / Children / Educational Traditional / Folk Translations / Adaptations

8.2.8. Ideas and Research (Topic Taxonomy) (Arts) Advocacy and Policy Art and Aesthetics Business/Organization Production Models Business of Theatremaking Not-for-profit/Commercial Intersection Philanthropy/Funding Creative Placemaking Audience Engagement Community Engagement Cross Cultural Exchange Ethics Innovation Culture Coin Intellectual Property Process Onstage Violence Sports Technology Television Film Video Games Social Media Theatre History HR Big Ideas // Editor's Choice Conflict Zones Climate Change Social Justice Migration Rural/Urban Divide

8.2.9. Diversity and Inclusion // Visibility and Accessibility (Topic Taxonomy) Diversity and Inclusion Accessibility Orientalism Race Gender Politics African Diaspora Black Theatre Arab Diaspora Asian Diaspora Asian American Latino/hispanic Cafe Onda Disability Deaf Theatre Indigenous People International Jewish Diaspora Jewish Theatre LBGTQIA* Queer Theatre Transgender Refugee Religion/Spirituality Rural Theatre Senior Theatre Theatre for or by Women Veterans

8.3. Visitor Actions

8.3.1. Upvote tracking most upvoted nodes

8.3.2. Comment tracking most commented articles across all content; surfacing featured Taxonomy associated with that node comments must be able to be threaded (replied to) Inline comments? Can commenters like/upvote comments?

8.3.3. Share shares must be tracked by GA and tallied across various platforms facebook Twitter other?

8.3.4. Mark as Read / Watched automated? Track "Most read" and surface the featured taxonomy

8.4. Editor's Block (admin only infrastructure)

8.4.1. Editor's Pick

8.4.2. Select dominant taxonomy for this node

8.5. KEY

8.5.1. Topic Taxonomy

8.5.2. Editors' Picks

8.5.3. Commons and Commoners

8.5.4. Content Type

8.5.5. Call to Action (Form)

8.5.6. Content Type Specific Taxonomy

8.5.7. Location

8.5.8. General