Myself After 10 Years

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Myself After 10 Years by Mind Map: Myself After 10 Years

1. Career

2. Love Life

3. Social Life

4. Adventure Life

5. Family Life

6. Married to a very great man

7. Marriage in the Church

8. Graduate of Tourism Management with flying colors

9. Has a business that deals with coffee stuffs.

10. A very successful person

11. Working as a flight stewardess in Philippine Airlines.

12. Has a Artistic Paint Shop

13. Built a charity for needy people.

14. Inspirational speaker

15. Currently travelling different places around the world

16. Israel Adventure!

17. Japan Journey!

18. South Korea Travel!

19. Already went to different places in the Philippines with my love ones.

20. Living in a mansion with different kinds of car.

21. Twin children, boy and a girl!

22. Big happy family

23. Living with my mother:) together with my own family.