21st Century Learning Environments

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21st Century Learning Environments by Mind Map: 21st Century Learning Environments

1. 21st century skills

1.1. flexible and adaptable

1.1.1. physical space the physical learning environment should be adaptable to different learning styles and types of instruction to provide a space flexible enough for all students

1.2. connective

1.2.1. allow for collaboration placing students in a supportive physical environment also allows them to more easily share ideas and work together

1.2.2. interaction beyond the classroom from a technological standpoint there should be no obstacle preventing connection with other students both in and out of the classroom

1.3. community

1.3.1. immediate community a proper environment includes the surrounding community and allows students to have hands on real experience with problems or issues directly related to them

1.3.2. outside of immediate community reaching out to other communities lends perspective to students about where and how their own bubble fits in in the greater idea of the world

2. Instruction