Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution by Mind Map: Alternative Dispute Resolution

1. Mediation

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Inexpensive, no lawyer fees.

1.1.2. Allows parties to reach an agreement.

1.1.3. Agreement is fair and not given by a judge.

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. Will not always end in a decision some cases will have to be seen by a judge.

1.2.2. Not ordered by a judge so if one side of the party does not want to follow through the plan fails.

1.2.3. There is no formal discovery process.

1.3. Qulifications

1.3.1. 40 Hours of training will be needed.

1.3.2. A training certificate will need to be obtained.

1.3.3. Mediator must remain impartial.

1.3.4. Mediator mus listen well to both parties.

1.3.5. The mediator must ensure the facilitation of communication.

2. Arbitration

2.1. Advantages

2.1.1. Fairness of service

2.1.2. Privacy conserns

2.1.3. Flexibility and speed of service

2.2. Disadvantages

2.2.1. Uneconomical services

2.2.2. Finality and Clearness of the Decision

2.2.3. Difficulty in the Acquisition of the Right Justice

2.3. Qulifications

2.3.1. Degree or professional licencing

2.3.2. 10 yeas in the senior level

2.3.3. Traning

2.3.4. Freedon of bias and predjudce

2.3.5. Manage hearing process