Chapter 2: Computer System Structure

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Chapter 2: Computer System Structure by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Computer System Structure

1. I/O Structure

1.1. Synchronous I/O

1.1.1. Control return when I/O operation is completed

1.1.2. At most one I/O is processing at a time

1.2. Asynchronous I/O

1.2.1. Control return without waiting for I/O operation complete and execute in parallel

1.2.2. System call that request operating system to allow the user to wait for the I/O operation to complete

1.2.3. Device-status table contains entry for each I/O device indicating its type, address, and state to keep tracking lots of input and output requests at the same time

1.2.4. More than 1 I/O operation can be process at the same time

2. Storage Structure

2.1. Main Memory

2.1.1. Mass storage that allow CPU access directly

2.1.2. Volatile - required power of maintain the stored information. data lost after having power cycled

2.2. Secondary Memory

2.2.1. Extra storage instead of main memory

2.2.2. Non volatile - data in memory does not loss after power cycled

2.2.3. Can store large amount of data for permanant

3. Storage Hierachy

3.1. Storage system organized in hierachy

3.1.1. Speed

3.1.2. Cost

3.1.3. Volatility

3.2. Caching

3.2.1. Process storing data to a cache