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Heavy Water Intro by Mind Map: Heavy Water Intro
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Heavy Water Intro

1. Importance of water (solvent) effect on biomolecular interactions

"Water (the solvent) is a crucial factor in biomolecular interactions that is often overlooked."

Examples from other fields, especially protein-DNA


3. Introduction to what will be in this paper

"Despite the importance, it can be argued that the solvent (water) has seen relatively little attention for the kinesin / microtubule system"

"In this paper we show": Heavy-hydrogen water (D2O) and heavy-oxygen water (H2O18) effects in gliding motility assay

I guess we never got around to repeating the MT stability (D2O) experiments. So, it's tough to say anything about it in the introduction. It would fit in well to mention that "some research groups are looking at molecular motor systems as components of microdevices. It's possible that D2O is a superior solvent for these devices due to protein stability. Thus, it's important to characterize this stability as well as the molecular behaviors in this new solvent."

2. Prior molecular motor work

(This continues from above paragraph, using specific examples of water effects. Just more specific for molecular motors / MTs)