Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development by Mind Map: Real Estate Development

1. Pre-development

1.1. Permitting

1.2. Infrastructure Availability

1.3. Market analysis and feasibility studies

1.4. Site plans, development plans, and building plans

1.5. Land acquisition or securing option rights to purchase land

1.6. Planning/Research and Budget

1.7. Environmental assessments

1.8. Surveys

1.9. Arranging construction financing

2. Construction

2.1. Vertical construction

2.2. Project marketing

2.3. Drawing on construction financing

2.4. Pre-leasing

2.5. Arranging permanent financing (if not done during pre-development)

2.6. Arranging for property manager (if not done during pre-development)

3. Operation

3.1. Ongoing marketing and leasing

3.2. Finding a buyer, if not done earlier

3.3. Determining a hold strategy, if not selling

3.4. Ramping up property management

3.5. Achieving stabilization