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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Schedule

1.1. Project Start

1.1.1. Research possible outcomes

1.2. Phase 1

1.2.1. Create a plan that is reasonable

1.3. Phase 2

1.3.1. Create a digital sketch for my plan

1.4. Create a receipt thing that allows you to know how much it will cost to put my idea in place

1.5. Phase 3

1.5.1. Create a 3D model of my plan

2. Constraints

2.1. Materials

2.1.1. Laptop

2.1.2. Objects to build my model

2.1.3. Device - possibly an Ipad

3. Overview

3.1. Motivation

3.1.1. To find a solution to conserve space used for aircrafts without changing the physical design.

3.2. Goals

3.2.1. To finish my idea, create a 3D model and a digital sketch.

4. Interview

4.1. With my friend from Boeing