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WEB 2.0 TOOLS by Mind Map: WEB 2.0 TOOLS

1. Communication

1.1. Dropbox

1.1.1. A web-based storage/document sharing site

1.2. Google Drive

1.2.1. A web-based storage/document sharing site

1.3. Facebook Page

1.3.1. A social networking and sharing collaboration website

1.4. Class Dojo

1.4.1. A behavior management tool that allows teachers to assign positive and negative points throughout the day and then have parents access it at home

2. Professional Resources/Development

2.1. Pinterest

2.1.1. Upload, save, sort and manage pins that take you to lesson ideas, blogs, and web pages

2.2. YouTube

2.2.1. A video sharing site

2.3. Linkedln

2.3.1. A social media site for professionals

3. Tools for students in the classroom

3.1. Skype

3.1.1. Video conferencing

3.2. Animoto

3.2.1. Create personalized online videos

3.3. Online Stopwatch

3.3.1. A series of stopwatches and times that students can use to time themselves on various tasks

3.4. Padlet

3.4.1. An online bulletin board that you can use to display information from any topic

3.5. PowToon

3.5.1. Created animated personalized videos and presentations