IP Protection

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IP Protection by Mind Map: IP Protection

1. Protection property

1.1. Trade secret

1.1.1. Target Secret information Information with commercial value Own innovation Subject to reasonable step by the rightful holder

1.1.2. Characteristics Without registrations Protection with unlimited period of time Keep in confidentiality No territory limit

1.2. Trademark

1.2.1. Target Recognisable sign to identify the goods or services of particular source from those of others

1.2.2. Characteristics Does not expire Lost when it become a common noun Protection by contract terriority aspect National level International level

1.3. Patent

1.3.1. Target Can be product or process A new way to do thing A new technical solution

1.3.2. Characteristics Exclusive right to prevent or stop others Territorial right With limited period Published publicly

1.4. Copyright

1.4.1. Target Protect to expression rather than the idea, procedure, method, concept Protect to authorship rather than ownship

1.4.2. Characteristics Exclusive right, economics right, moral right, Legal right Ordianance in HK balance the rights of the owners and society as a whole Automatic right

1.4.3. Versus fair use / fair dealing

1.4.4. Versus Creative Commons

1.5. Registered design

1.5.1. Target Appearance and visual feature of a product Uniqueness, new, distinction

1.5.2. Characteristics Territorial

2. Purpose

2.1. Balance encouraging creativity and society benefit

2.2. Protect creativity

2.2.1. Benefit society advances

2.3. Incentive for speculative work

2.4. Let others to enjoy the invention

3. Limition

3.1. Fair Use

3.1.1. Grey Area Never guarantee a qualification of fair use Copyright owner disagree the qualification of fair use Need to resolve the dispute in a courtroom

3.2. Trademark

3.2.1. Abuse Some people will register trademark before the original owner do it in order to make money For example, New Balance and New Barlun in China For example, New Balance and New

3.3. Variance in different country

3.3.1. Caused by particular social, economic and historical conditions