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Adam by Mind Map: Adam

1. Act 1

1.1. selfish

1.1.1. no consideration during/after sex

1.1.2. not going to interfere in routine

1.2. rage

1.2.1. attacks her after she insults him

1.2.2. smashes the mirror

1.3. disinterest

1.3.1. thinks her plain

1.3.2. doesn't care if she sleeps or eats

1.3.3. isn't concerned when she cuts

1.4. private

1.4.1. doesn't answer any questions

1.5. mean

1.5.1. insults her

2. Act 2

2.1. 1st Half

2.1.1. mild interest gives her an orgasm makes sure she eats doesn't want to leave her alone

2.1.2. selfish he wants to watch her the type of food he prefers doesn't want to relinquish control

2.1.3. low self esteem thinks people are whispering about him

2.1.4. private admits he'll lie half answers

2.1.5. rage drags her up the stairs

2.1.6. mean says she stinks

2.2. 2nd Half

2.2.1. genuine interest terrified when she cuts herself doesn't want to leave her

2.2.2. selfless getting her the things she needs

2.2.3. selfish saves her life

2.2.4. private answers her question about victim won't just admit he wants to be close to her

2.2.5. self esteem doesn't notice people whispering

2.2.6. kind tells her not to berate herself brushes her hair

2.2.7. rage angry with her when she cuts

3. Act 3

3.1. confidence

3.1.1. enrolls for his masters

3.2. selfless

3.2.1. is willing to risk his life for her

3.2.2. agrees to move the body

3.2.3. agrees to not kill again

3.3. selfish

3.3.1. complains about his injury

3.4. rage

3.4.1. attacks her

3.4.2. furious (then calm) in the basement

3.5. private

3.5.1. still won't admit he loves her