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Babysitting by Mind Map: Babysitting

1. Requirements

1.1. Having experience with kids.

1.2. Know how to connect with children.

1.3. Knowing safety precautions to keep kids safe.

1.4. Must be reliable.

1.5. Enjoy being around kids.

1.6. Must be responsible

1.7. Need to know how to discipline kids respectfully.

2. Qualifications

2.1. I have experience with babysitting.

2.2. I have nieces and nephews so I'm around kids daily.

2.3. I took lesson on CPR.

2.4. I'm good at common core subjects so I can help kids with their homework.

2.5. I discipline kids at a respectful level.

3. Why I Chose This Job

3.1. I connect well with children.

3.2. I would like to educate the young minds 1 by 1.

3.3. It's well paying

3.4. The requirements fit me perfectly.

4. Interview Day

4.1. Dressed appropriately

4.2. Intellectual

4.3. Give true facts about myself.

4.4. Have good manners to give a good first impression.