Prophets of Islam

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Prophets of Islam by Mind Map: Prophets of Islam

1. Language Arts/Reading

1.1. Stories of the prophets.

1.2. Not all prophets spoke arabic. There were many different languages spoken such as hebrew, arabic, etc.

2. Science

2.1. Some prophets were given miracles and some were actual gifts from Allah.

2.1.1. Prophet Yusuf (A) could interpret dreams.

2.1.2. Prophet Isa (A) birth.

2.1.3. Prophet Muhammad (S) and the splitting of the moon.

3. Math

3.1. There are 25 prophets mentioned in Quran.

4. Social Studies

4.1. Discussing history of which prophets were born when and which time period they came for. For example, Prophet Muhammad (S) was born around 570 A.D. and was the last messenger of Allah (swt).

5. Art

5.1. Each prophet has an object used in their story or an object that is mentioned related to that prophet.

5.1.1. For example: Prophet Yusuf (A) was thrown into a well, children can create a well out of colored paper, cardboard, etc.

5.1.2. Prophet Yunus was in the belly of a whale, children can paint a picture of a whale.