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Affiliate Marketing by Mind Map: Affiliate Marketing

1. benefits

1.1. you don't need to do the setup stage

1.2. save time

1.3. leverage the existing system of business

1.4. focus on driving traffics

2. backend offer

2.1. People loves to buy more stuff

2.2. the real money is on the back-end

2.3. majority of profits is on the back-end

2.4. give customer an option to buy more

3. Commission every sales

4. way of selling of other people products

4.1. help product owner to sell

5. online affiliate marketing

5.1. unique link

5.1.1. track your sales

6. Advantage

6.1. No need to create your own system

6.2. no need to create your own product

6.3. no need to process payment

6.4. No inventory needed

6.5. No minimum monthly sales

6.5.1. you can start part-time

6.6. You can focus on one single thing (traffic)

7. traditional Affiliate Marketing

7.1. disadvantages

7.1.1. low commissions

7.1.2. no commissions on the back-end sales

8. Unity Network

8.1. you can earn from the backend sales

8.2. reward affiliates with big commission

9. Sales team

9.1. help to close the sale