Song Dynasty

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Song Dynasty by Mind Map: Song Dynasty

1. Rice

1.1. Blast in rice production

1.2. Got a new rice which was resident to drought

2. inventions

2.1. Made the compass in 3d century(B.C.E)

2.2. Made compass with lodestone and needle

2.3. Developed paddlewheel boat

3. Farming

3.1. New farming inventions

3.2. Rice

3.3. People from north grew wheat

3.4. People from the south grew rice plants

3.5. North had cold and dry weather

3.6. South had warm and wet weather

4. Grew in population

4.1. 65 million people in south

4.2. 50 million people in north

4.3. First time they grew with 100 million people because of food increasing

5. Scholar-Officials

5.1. Relied on exams

5.2. Created a meritocracy