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Planning by Mind Map: Planning

1. Screenplay

1.1. Youtube

1.1.1. Alistair uploaded his idea to Youtube and I converted it to put it on my WIX account. This enabled him to talk through his idea so that I could clearly understand the storyline.

1.2. Celtx

1.2.1. Celtx was used to write our screenplays. This software enables you to write out your script in a professional way.

1.3. iPhone/Google

1.3.1. I used my iPhone to search up what language men would have spoken in the Second World War. This was to create a authentic feel to the film so that the audience would connect with the storyline.

1.4. YouTube

1.4.1. I watched several clips of war films in order to gage an understanding of what this genre includes.

2. Costume/Location/Props

2.1. Amazon Prime

2.1.1. We used amazon prime in order to get the props we needed. This is a brilliant website and you retrieve the props the next day.

2.2. Email

2.2.1. We used Email a lot as we had to email our company that we were buying the costumes from. We also had to use email in order to get measurements from our actors.

2.3. Google Maps

2.3.1. We used google maps in order to find possible locations for our films setting.

3. Actors

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. We used an NYMT page in order to post our short film idea in order to get peoples interest. From this, people messaged us asking to audition.

3.2. Dropbox

3.2.1. We used dropbox to be able to view video files of peoples audition tapes.

3.3. Email

3.3.1. We used email to communicate with our actors in order to give them important information.

3.4. Skype

3.4.1. We used Skype to video message our actors in oder to get to know them and to let them know what our vision was.

4. Logo Creation

4.1. Word

4.1.1. We used word in order to create our logo. This software is easy to use. It enables you to create the image desired, being able to attach your own creativity.

4.2. Messenger

4.2.1. Our logo was worked on and drafted many times, therefore we sent each other many different options in order to pick our favourite one. Messenger gave me a quick communication software to send off my ideas as well as retrieving them.

5. WIX

5.1. I used WIX throughout to put every bit of process on my blog.