Assessment Tools

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Assessment Tools by Mind Map: Assessment Tools

1. Creative Assessment Tools

1.1. Quizdini

1.1.1. A tools used to create online quizzes and tests

1.2. Edshelf (beta)

1.2.1. A directory of tools for teachers, where they can find easy-to-use assessment tools such as Quizdini, Quizlet, and more

1.3. Every1Speaks

1.3.1. A tools used for and to assess student collaboration, interaction, and knowledge

1.4. Poll Daddy

1.4.1. A tool used to create online quizzes, assessments, and surveys

1.5. Dropbox

1.5.1. A file management system used to hold any documents, including created assessments

1.6. Moodle

1.6.1. A classroom management system where you can create all you need for your classroom, including quizzes, tests, and assessments

1.7. Learning in Hand

1.7.1. A repository of formal assessment tools for teachers

1.8. Verso

1.8.1. An app used to aid teachers in using the flipped classroom method and assessing student participation and collaboration

1.9. Quizlet

1.9.1. A tool for teachers to create online quizzes and tests

1.10. Poll Everywhere

1.10.1. A tool used to create polls with easily accessed by mobile phones

1.11. Celly

1.11.1. Similar to Poll Everywhere, this is a tool used to create polls that can be easily assessed by mobile phones

1.12. Google Docs

1.12.1. An all-purpose method to create and share assessments, quizzes, and tests, among other creative assessments

1.13. Quizziz

1.13.1. A fun, "gamified" way to engage students in formal assessments.

1.14. FlipQuiz

1.14.1. An application used to create review games as a means of formative assessing

1.15. Quizaliz

1.15.1. An application used to create quizzes and tests

1.16. Kahoot

1.16.1. A popular quiz-maker application

1.17. Google Forms

1.17.1. A quick and easy way to create online quizzes, review documents, and tests for students to access

1.18. ClassKick

1.18.1. An online tool used by students and teachers alike. Teachers post assignments, students complete assignments, and teachers give quick feedback for the students to be able to track their own progress

1.19. Formative

1.19.1. An online tool used for student-teacher interaction, and immediate feedback on assignments posted by teachers and completed by students

1.20. Naiku

1.20.1. A online tool that teachers and quickly create quizzes and assessments for students to answer on mobile devices