Social Media Training Plan

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Social Media Training Plan by Mind Map: Social Media Training Plan

1. Adult Learning Theories/Principles

1.1. Behaviorist Approach

1.2. Cognitive Learning Theory

1.3. Constructivist Learning Theory

2. The Organization

2.1. Hope Montessori Academy

2.2. Parent Education Program

3. Ethical Considerations of Integrating Social Media

3.1. Social media polices

3.2. Establish procedures

3.3. Privacy policies

4. Training Program Competencies

4.1. Discuss Montessori

4.2. Discuss challenging behviors

4.3. Developmentally appropriate behaviors

4.4. Early Childhood Education

5. Effects of Social Media on Motivation

5.1. Collaborative learning

5.2. Improved communication

5.3. Building connections

6. References