Processed Meat on Women Health Risk

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Processed Meat on Women Health Risk by Mind Map: Processed Meat on Women Health Risk

1. Examples of processed meat

1.1. Bacon

1.2. Canned meat

1.3. Sausages

1.4. Salami

1.5. Hotdog

2. Health risks

2.1. Colorectal cancer

2.1.1. Associated with carcinogenesis at several anatomic site

2.2. Breast cancer

2.2.1. Positive relation with breast cancer risk in premenopausal women linked to estrogen-progesterone receptor

2.3. Cardiovascular disease

2.3.1. Due to preservative like sodium and nitrate

2.4. Type-2-diabetes

2.4.1. Affect insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism

2.5. Obesity

2.5.1. Due to high content of saturated fatty acids and cholestrol

3. Factors Related

3.1. Enviromental factor

3.1.1. Family and peers influences

3.1.2. Education -Lack of health conscious

3.2. Biochemical

3.2.1. Food Additives Nitrate Nitrite Sodium

3.2.2. High temperature cooking Increase formation of -HCAs -PAHs -N-nitroso compound

3.3. Lifestyle

3.3.1. Eating habit

3.3.2. Physical activity

4. Tips to reduce processed meat consumption

4.1. Poach a chicken breast and use slices in place of deli meats on pizza and in sandwiches.

4.2. Replace deli meats in sandwiches with tinned tuna, salmon or egg. .

5. Definition

5.1. Processed meat are those that are transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking or the addition of preservatives