7 Steps to Get & Keep Your Life On-Track

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7 Steps to Get & Keep Your Life On-Track by Mind Map: 7 Steps to Get & Keep Your Life On-Track

1. Giving Back: Volunteering

2. Events, Seasons & Holidays

2.1. Birthdays

2.2. Valentine's Day

2.3. Easter

2.4. Mother's Day

2.5. Summer

2.5.1. Overnights

2.5.2. Events

2.5.3. Trips

2.5.4. Summer @ The Beach

2.5.5. Theater

2.5.6. Summer Food

2.6. Father's Day

2.7. Labor Day

2.8. Fall

2.8.1. Food

2.8.2. Destinations

2.8.3. Renaissance Fair

2.9. Christmas

2.10. New Year's Eve

2.11. Graduations & Achievements

2.12. Fun Stuff

3. Travel, Fun & Hobbies

3.1. Trips

3.1.1. Travel Checklist Travel Checklist Toiletries Transportation Medicines & Liquids Other Clothing Electronics

3.1.2. 2017 Steel Mining Tour Lake Louise? Thunder Bay Slovenia

3.2. Photo & Video Archives

3.2.1. Photos Shutterfly Flickr

3.2.2. Video Archives Video: YouTube

4. Love, Relationship & Family

4.1. Enhancing

4.1.1. Taking dance classes

4.2. Seeing Friends

4.3. Seeing Family

4.3.1. Trips

5. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

5.1. Mind

5.1.1. Meditation

5.2. Body

5.2.1. Healthy Stuff & Onset of a Cold

5.2.2. Health Records

5.3. Spirit

5.3.1. Church

6. Personal, Work & Financial

6.1. Personal Goals

6.1.1. 2017 Work Goals Career Advancement How do I get there? To Do Goals

6.2. Financial

6.2.1. Taxes

6.2.2. Retirement

7. Immediate To Do List

7.1. Car

7.2. Home or Apartment

7.3. Personal

7.4. Other

8. Points to Ponder

8.1. Mindsets - Carol Dweck

8.1.1. Two Types Fixed I'm a failure I'll never amount to anything. My life is pitiful Someone upstairs doesn't like me Growth Mindset

8.1.2. How do we each react to things?

8.1.3. Failure Some love a challenge Some throw their hands up in defeat Carol Dweck

8.1.4. Are we predefined with what we are capable of?

8.1.5. Assets vs. Limitations

8.1.6. "The effort learning takes and the intellectual ability to learn, not “intelligence” as if it were an absolute, fixed quality."

8.1.7. Carol on "Being Perfect" Comment area on this page Procrastination is a consequence of this mindset. Motivation is a consequence of this mindset. Productivity is the consequence of this mindset.

8.1.8. Where You Start in Life The Top Preserve & Curate The Middle Peter Principle The Bottom Give Up

8.1.9. The Culture of Genius Is it important for you to look smart at all costs Learn, Innovate & Collaborate The Real Stars at Work

8.1.10. Relationships Fixed Want to be worshipped - Alway Rights Growth Challenge my partner to help me grow Get around the "Blame Game" - Maurice

8.1.11. Role Models Fixed Demoralized Undermining to their own confidence King of the Hill Growth Finding a path to be better - Mentor me

8.1.12. Effort Fixed Imperfection High ability - Don't need effort Effort is only for the lesser folks Shouldn't have to work hard at it Growth Value effort Appreciate the power The Harder you work, the better you will be.

8.1.13. Child Prodigies Expected effortless achievement Being talented meant that they wouldn't have to work hard.

8.1.14. Athletes Top Athletes The best when younger were not #1 as youth

8.1.15. "Duck Syndrome" Look effortless, but paddling like mad

8.1.16. Process Praise Babies with more of a growth mindset

8.1.17. Errors & setbacks are "Calamities" Fixed Run from their errors

8.1.18. Prepackaged Fixed Are already prepackaged or turnkey Growth

8.1.19. Pushing out of the Comfort Zone Brains forge new connections to become a growth mindset Growing the brain like a muscle "You mean that I don't have to be dumb"? Transforms the meaning of effort and difficulty

8.1.20. Is struggle really a bad word in our culture? Working hard towards something we value What will you struggle with tomorrow?

8.1.21. I pursue high standards Failing and bouncing back so much better than perfect !

8.2. Aim

8.2.1. Organize

8.2.2. Coordinate

8.3. Tackle Fears

8.3.1. What are yours?

8.4. Save

8.4.1. Why?

8.4.2. How much?

8.5. Social Interaction

8.6. Initiate

8.6.1. Be confident

8.6.2. Have a reason and goal

8.7. Creativity

8.7.1. Being someone different

8.7.2. Utilizing different Ideas Modes Tools

8.7.3. Brainstorming

8.8. Effort

8.8.1. With enthusiasm

8.8.2. Concentrate

8.8.3. Repeatable Attainable

8.9. Learn

8.9.1. Quickly

8.9.2. Efficiently

8.9.3. Archive

8.9.4. Apply

8.10. Collaboration

8.10.1. Efficiently

8.11. The Ability to Filter

8.11.1. Extraneous noise

8.11.2. Negative thought

8.11.3. Cognitive Dissonance

8.12. Personality

8.12.1. Attributes Genuine

8.13. Balance

8.13.1. What does it mean?

8.14. Be Open Minded

8.14.1. Tolerant

8.15. Generosity

8.16. Head on to Challenges


8.17.1. "Integrity is the Currency that Buys Trust"

8.17.2. "Do You Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?" Carol Deck

8.17.3. "Success Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

8.17.4. "Great Challenges are Great Opportunities" JFK