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Perpetual Calendar 2017 by Mind Map: Perpetual Calendar 2017
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Perpetual Calendar 2017

Giving Back: Volunteering

Events, Seasons & Holidays


Valentine's Day


Mother's Day





Summer @ The Beach


Summer Food

Father's Day

Labor Day




Renaissance Fair


New Year's Eve

Graduations & Achievements

Fun Stuff

Travel, Fun & Hobbies

“Play is about activity that brings joy just for the pure sake of the doing of it. It can include organized activity or productive endeavors, but only if they are done for fun and not merit. We contend that all lives need some play, and that making sure there is some play in our day is a critical life design step. Make a quick list of how you play and then fill in your gauge—are you a quarter full, or half, or three-quarters, or really full?” Excerpt From: Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. “Designing Your Life.” iBooks.


Travel Checklist, Travel Checklist, Toiletries, Toothbrush, Hair Brush, Razor, Dove Face SPF, Transportation, Flight, Airline Check in, Car, Medicines & Liquids, Other, Itinerary, Money, Pet Care & Instructions, Clothing, Hat, Shorts, Pants, Underwear, Socks, Swim Trunks, Footwear, Sandals, Shoes, Electronics, Charging Cords, Cameras, GoPro Goodies

2017, Steel Mining Tour, Lake Louise?, Thunder Bay, Slovenia

Photo & Video Archives

Photos, Shutterfly, Flickr

Video Archives, Video: YouTube

Love, Relationship & Family

“We do think that love makes the world go around, and when we don’t have any, our world isn’t as bright and alive as it could be. We also know that we have to pay attention to love, and that it arrives in a wide range of forms. Our primary relationship is where we go first for love, children typically come next, and then it’s a flood of people and pets and community and anything else that is an object of affection. And it is as critical to feel loved by others as it is to love—it has to go both ways. Where is the love flowing in your life, from you and from others? Make a list, and then fill in your gauge.” Excerpt From: Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. “Designing Your Life.” iBooks.


Taking dance classes

Seeing Friends

Seeing Family


Healthy Lifestyle Choices

“When you think about health, we suggest you think about more than just a good checkup at the doctor’s. A well-designed life is supported by a healthy body, an engaged mind, and often, though not always, some form of spiritual practice. By “spiritual” we don’t necessarily mean religious. We call spiritual any practice that is based on a belief in something bigger than ourselves. Again, there is no objective perfect balance of these different areas of health, just a subjective personal sense that either “I have enough” or “Something is missing.” Even though perfect balance is not our goal, a look at this diagram can sometimes warn us that something is not right. Like an emergency light on your car’s dashboard, the diagram may serve as an indicator that it’s time to pull over and figure out what’s wrong. As an example, an entrepreneur who we know named Fred took a look at his dashboard and noticed that he had almost no entries in the health and play categories. His dashboard looked like this:” “As we said, healthy to us means being well in more than just your body; you might want to take into account your mind and spirit, too. The relative importance of each area is entirely up to you. Make a quick assessment of your health and then fill in your gauge—are you a quarter full, or half, or three-quarters, or really full? (Bill has also filled in the gauges for his dashboard as an example to reference.) ” Excerpt From: Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. “Designing Your Life.” iBooks.




Healthy Stuff & Onset of a Cold

Health Records



Personal, Work & Financial

“Make a list of all the ways you “work,” and then “gauge” your working life as a whole. We are assuming that there are things on your list that you are getting paid to do. This will include your nine-to-five job, and your second job if the first isn’t enough, and any consulting or advising you do, etc. If you are a regular volunteer in any organization, figure that in, too. If you are a homemaker, like Debbie, make sure you remember that raising children, providing home-cooked meals for your family, taking care of aging parents, and doing housework are all forms of “work.” ” Excerpt From: Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. “Designing Your Life.” iBooks.

Personal Goals

2017, Work Goals, Career Advancement, How do I get there?, To Do Goals




Immediate To Do List


Home or Apartment



Points to Ponder

Mindsets - Carol Dweck

Two Types, Fixed, I'm a failure, I'll never amount to anything., My life is pitiful, Someone upstairs doesn't like me, Growth Mindset

How do we each react to things?

Failure, Some love a challenge, Some throw their hands up in defeat, Carol Dweck

Are we predefined with what we are capable of?

Assets vs. Limitations

"The effort learning takes and the intellectual ability to learn, not “intelligence” as if it were an absolute, fixed quality."

Carol on "Being Perfect", Comment area on this page, Procrastination is a consequence of this mindset., Motivation is a consequence of this mindset., Productivity is the consequence of this mindset.

Where You Start in Life, The Top, Preserve & Curate, The Middle, Peter Principle, The Bottom, Give Up

The Culture of Genius, Is it important for you to look smart at all costs, Learn, Innovate & Collaborate, The Real Stars at Work

Relationships, Fixed, Want to be worshipped - Alway Rights, Growth, Challenge my partner to help me grow, Get around the "Blame Game" - Maurice

Role Models, Fixed, Demoralized, Undermining to their own confidence, King of the Hill, Almost Perfectionism, Growth, Finding a path to be better - Mentor me

Effort, Fixed, Imperfection, High ability - Don't need effort, Effort is only for the lesser folks, Shouldn't have to work hard at it, Growth, Value effort, The power of effort, Appreciate the power, The Harder you work, the better you will be.

Child Prodigies, Expected effortless achievement, Being talented meant that they wouldn't have to work hard.

Athletes, Top Athletes, The best when younger were not #1 as youth

"Duck Syndrome", Look effortless, but paddling like mad

Process Praise, Babies with more of a growth mindset

Errors & setbacks are "Calamities", Fixed, Run from their errors

Prepackaged, Fixed, Are already prepackaged or turnkey, Growth, The people who can grow to reach fullest potential

Pushing out of the Comfort Zone, Brains forge new connections to become a growth mindset, Growing the brain like a muscle, "You mean that I don't have to be dumb"?, Transforms the meaning of effort and difficulty

Is struggle really a bad word in our culture?, Working hard towards something we value, What will you struggle with tomorrow?

I pursue high standards, Failing and bouncing back so much better than perfect !




Tackle Fears

What are yours?



How much?

Social Interaction


Be confident

Have a reason and goal


Being someone different

Utilizing different, Ideas, Modes, Tools



With enthusiasm


Repeatable, Attainable








The Ability to Filter

Extraneous noise

Negative thought

Cognitive Dissonance


Attributes, Genuine


What does it mean?

Be Open Minded



Head on to Challenges


"Integrity is the Currency that Buys Trust"

"Do You Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?", Carol Deck

"Success Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

"Great Challenges are Great Opportunities", JFK