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ASC by Mind Map: ASC

1. Autism Spectrum Condition

1.1. Strengths

1.1.1. Focus

1.1.2. Truthful

1.1.3. Process Driven

1.1.4. Creative

1.1.5. Different Perspectives

1.1.6. Inclusive Thinking

1.1.7. Attention to detail High Accuracy With the right support

1.1.8. Willing to learn

1.1.9. Supporting Others

1.1.10. Symphathetic

1.1.11. Reliability

1.1.12. Organised

1.2. Deficits

1.2.1. Difficulty with change With the right support coping with change can be less of a struggle Can affect several areas of change Routines Tasks Environment Personal preferences

1.2.2. Attention Span Issues

1.2.3. Struggles to see the wider picture Prefers to focus on detail without the overview of a subject

1.2.4. Social isolation Social Communication Social Interaction Social Imagination

1.2.5. High Sensitivities Sight Sound Taste Smell Touch

1.2.6. Delayed Cognitive Development

1.2.7. Mental Health Issues Typically Depression Stress Anxiety Insomnia

2. Associated Conditions

2.1. Dyspraxia

2.1.1. Strengths Artistically creative Visual Information Processing Determined Empathy Seeks alternative ways to learn Cope Motivated Supportive and very helpfull

2.1.2. Deficits Motor Skills Communication issues Cognitive processing Short term memory problems Easily distracted Multi tasking difficulties Listening skills Slow to finish a task

2.2. Dyslexia

2.2.1. Strengths Problem Solving Pattern Recognition Spacial Knowledge Visual Thinkers Highly Creative

2.2.2. Deficits Reading Writting Spelling Grammar Planning Organising