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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Formative Assessment

1.1. Goal: To monitor student learning

1.2. Teacher provides ongoing feedback

1.3. "Low Stakes"

1.4. Adjust instruction

1.5. Occur throughout the learning process

1.6. Not always a grade

1.7. Types of Formative Assessments

1.7.1. Informal Observations Class Discussions Think-Pair-Share

1.7.2. Formal Structured Exersizes Pretests Homework In Class Assignments Quizes Classroom Response Systems

2. Summative Assessment

2.1. Goal: To evaluate student learning

2.2. "High Stakes"

2.3. "Do you know it?"

2.4. Blooms Taxonomy: Recall, identify, list, match.

2.5. Measures student achievement

2.6. Measures instructional effectiveness

2.7. Report cards and district/state reports

2.8. Types of Summative Assessments

2.8.1. STAAR

2.8.2. District Assesments

2.8.3. Essays

2.8.4. Major Projects

2.8.5. Tests at the end of the Unit

2.9. Assessment Question Types

2.9.1. Multiple Choice

2.9.2. Matching

2.9.3. True/False

2.9.4. Fill in the blank

2.9.5. Short Answer

2.9.6. Essays

3. Performance

3.1. Goal: To measure students ability to apply skills

3.2. Higher Order Thinking Skills

3.3. "How well can you use what you know?"

3.4. Blooms Taxonomy: Classify, compare, analyze and evaluate.

3.5. Students are more responsible to demonstrate their master of the concept.

3.6. Challenges students high-level thinking skills to create a product or complete a process.

3.7. Types of Performance Based Assessments

3.7.1. Group Projects

3.7.2. Portfolios

3.7.3. Portfolios

3.7.4. Student Logs

3.7.5. Journals

4. Diagnostic

4.1. Goal: To measure students strengths and weaknesses prior to instruction.

4.2. Pre-Assessments

4.3. Provide a base line for understanding

4.4. Determine current knowledge level of students.

4.5. Assesses Process

4.6. Types of Diagnostic Assessments

4.6.1. Unit Pre-Tests

4.6.2. Response Journals

4.6.3. Student Self Assessments

4.6.4. Mind Map

4.6.5. KWL chart