Agile Product Management

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Agile Product Management by Mind Map: Agile Product Management

1. What Challenges

1.1. Question

1.2. Challenges

1.3. Experience

2. Roadmap

2.1. Communicated

2.1.1. Start of project

2.1.2. Release reviews

2.1.3. Sprint reviews

2.1.4. ENd of project

2.1.5. Visible and Easy

2.2. Ownership

2.2.1. Product Owner Owns and manage

2.2.2. Development Team Members Contribute

2.2.3. Stakeholders Contribute

2.3. Tips for Creating

2.3.1. Tell a convincing and realistic story

2.3.2. Create buy-in by evolving key stakeholders

2.3.3. Priorities your goals

2.3.4. Have the courage to say NO

2.3.5. Choose a realistic timeframe

2.3.6. Derive feature from goals

2.3.7. Keep your roadmap simple and easy to understand

2.3.8. Determine the right innovation

2.3.9. Use helpful metrics

2.4. Benefit

2.4.1. Stakeholder alignment and collaboration

2.4.2. Prioritization

2.4.3. Helps with portfolio management

2.4.4. Umbrella for the product backlog

2.5. Common Mistakes

2.5.1. Too much focus and feature

2.5.2. View it as a fixed plan

2.5.3. Unrelated feature

2.5.4. Create roadmap when you can't look beyond the next major release