Media Outlet

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Media Outlet by Mind Map: Media Outlet

1. Website

1.1. Events

1.1.1. student recruiting events

1.1.2. alumni events alumni seminars

1.2. students information

1.2.1. students placement after gradutation graduate studies where are they going after graduation hiring trends geographical placement starting salary trends industries graduates are going to (pie chart)

1.2.2. enrollment information

1.3. alumni information

1.3.1. Help from Alumni teaching/speaking to students was to engage mentoring students based on focus/interest based on aspirations

1.3.2. job postings/search alumni looking for job opportunities alumni looking for students to hire

1.3.3. alumni: where are they now?

1.4. News

1.4.1. updates department updates department priorities ambassador updates

1.4.2. breaking news research wins breakthrough technology professor recogntion student recognition college/department recgonition research grant wins awards

1.4.3. key initiatives research grants

1.4.4. Now trending: "Whats happening?"

1.5. financial information

1.5.1. targeted donations

1.5.2. stats about budget

1.6. Comparisons

1.6.1. Vt recgontion vs. other institutions ranking of donations

1.6.2. breakdown of departments size academics

1.7. contact information (search engine)

1.7.1. key faculty/staff contacts

1.7.2. student information for recruiting

1.7.3. alumni contact information

1.8. resources

1.8.1. resource list

1.8.2. knowledge sharing network different topics open forum/discussion board include students and faculty/staff "Who can help me with this?"

2. Email

2.1. email setup

2.1.1. some emails could be sent to high school guidance counselors

2.1.2. headline should be teaser important headline with link to details in email

2.1.3. just send link to entire article

2.1.4. discrete pieces of news

2.2. breaking news

2.2.1. award recognition student faculty alumni

2.2.2. accomplishments toward goals financial goals research goals general progress in departments

2.2.3. department new faculty hires/losses noteworthy to their department wins and losses

2.3. research

2.3.1. faculty research related to their respective college results

2.3.2. alumni research related to their respective college results

2.3.3. largest research?

2.4. videos

2.4.1. limit to 30 seconds

2.4.2. provide "snapshot"

2.5. updates

2.5.1. peer updates alumni: where are they now?

2.5.2. quarterly highlights

2.5.3. important legislative issues

2.6. call to action

2.6.1. students looking for mentors

2.6.2. students looking for internships

2.6.3. opportunities to come teach

2.7. funding

2.7.1. targeted donations

2.7.2. new donations (name, not amount)

2.7.3. where is the funding being used how is it impacting the college where the money goes

2.7.4. some don't know about the state finding challenge

3. Magazine

3.1. stories

3.1.1. students student successes competition winnings student development

3.1.2. alumni (since they graduated)

3.2. COE

3.2.1. investments

3.2.2. news stories

3.3. research projects

3.3.1. by students

3.3.2. by alumni

3.3.3. by faculty/staff