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Current Electricity by Mind Map: Current Electricity
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Current Electricity

Electromotive Force (emf)

SI Unit :

V (Volts)

Definition :

Formula :

E = W/Q

Measured with :

Voltmeter connected parallel to source

Has the same unit as potential difference(p.d.)

Potential Difference(p.d.)

Definition:the amount of energy when one coulomb of positive charge passes between the two points


SI Unit: volt(V)

Measure with a voltmeter parallel to the component of the circuit


definition:the ratio of potential difference across the conductor and the current flowing in it.

formula:R=V/I (units:ohm)


In series: R=R1+R2

In parallel: 1/R=1/R1+1/R2

fixed resistors &viable resistor(rheostat)


Caused by :

flow of electrons around a complete circuit

Electron flow opposite to conventional current flow

Electron flow :

moves from negative terminal of source to positive terminal

Measured with :


Formula :

I = Q/t

Definition :

Rate of flow of charges