Magazine Advert Planning

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Magazine Advert Planning by Mind Map: Magazine Advert Planning

1. Equipment Needed

1.1. Camera

1.1.1. Camera bag

1.1.2. SD card

1.2. Tripod

1.2.1. Tripod bag

1.3. Memory stick

1.4. Computer

1.4.1. Indesign

1.4.2. Photoshop

1.4.3. Fotor picture editor

1.5. Drawing Equipment

1.5.1. Paper

1.5.2. Pen

1.5.3. Pencil

1.5.4. Ruler

2. Steps needed to be taken in order to get final product:

2.1. 1.Research magazine adverts

2.2. 2.Have a discussion with James to figure out availability

2.3. 3.Have a photoshoot

2.3.1. Choose desired images Edit images

2.4. 4.Create flat plan of advert

2.4.1. Annotate where necessary

2.5. 5.Create sketch of advert

2.5.1. Annotate where necessary

2.6. 6.Choose fonts

2.6.1. Use "DaFont" font website

2.7. 7. Create magazine advert

2.7.1. Get feedback on advert Act on feedback is applicable

2.8. 8.Upload all of the above

3. Other Information

3.1. Magazine advert must follow house style of digipak

3.2. Carry out photoshoot for magazine advert at the same time as the photoshoot for the digipak

3.2.1. It will save time by doing so

4. Design Ideas

4.1. Image of James as the majority of the background

4.1.1. Area of black at the bottom James' name in the middle but lower than central Title of song below James' name Text saying "Out Now" below that Text stating the release date below that Logo will be positioned at the bottom right

4.2. Image of James is the entire background

4.2.1. Artist name is positioned at the top left of the advert

4.2.2. The song title is positioned just of centre

4.2.3. Text saying "Out Now" is below that but to the left

4.2.4. Text stating the release date is below that but to the right

4.2.5. Logo will be positioned in the middle and at the bottom of the advert

4.3. Four equally sized images of James will be the background

4.3.1. Text stating the release date will be at the top of the advert and in the middle

4.3.2. James' name will be in the centre

4.3.3. Text saying "Out Now" will be below that

4.3.4. The song title will be at the bottom of the page, in the middle and below the text saying "Out Now"