GCSE PE Edexcel Topic 1.1.1

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GCSE PE Edexcel Topic 1.1.1 by Mind Map: GCSE PE Edexcel              Topic 1.1.1

1. Exercise

1.1. Form of Physical activity which maintains or improves health and fitness

2. Health

2.1. Positive state of complete physical, social and mental wellbeing

3. Fitness

3.1. The ability to meet the demands of the environment

4. Physical, Mental and Social benefits

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. Challenge

4.1.2. Fitness

4.1.3. Performance

4.1.4. Weight loss

4.2. Mental

4.2.1. Relieve stress

4.2.2. Mental Chalenge

4.2.3. Feel good

4.2.4. Improve self-esteem

4.3. Social

4.3.1. Make new friends

4.3.2. Teamwork

4.3.3. Cooperation

5. Reasons for taking part

5.1. Cooperation

5.1.1. Teamwork

5.2. Competition

5.2.1. Psychological

5.3. Physical challenge

5.3.1. Challenging

5.4. Asthetic appreciation

5.4.1. Beautiful moments in sport Trophies Medals

5.5. Friendships

6. Benefits

6.1. Increased fitness

6.1.1. Regular training causes body to adapt to a new level of work

6.2. Feeling good

6.2.1. Exercise releases serotonin – the ‘ feel good’ hormone –make the individual feel good

6.3. Relieve stress and tension

6.3.1. Exercise releases endorphins which make the individual feel better, and also offers a distraction from problems

6.4. Increased confidence

6.4.1. Many activities provide a physical challenge – over coming this challenge gives a sense of achievement and increases self-esteem and confidence levels

6.5. Improve health

6.5.1. The ability to withstand and recover from illness is related to fitness and all of the body systems benefit from exercise

6.6. Enjoyment

6.6.1. Most people who take part in sport do so because they want to

6.7. Mental challenge

6.7.1. Many sporting activities provide a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge, e.g running a marathon

7. Healthy, Active Lifestyles

7.1. A lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social wellbeing and which includes regular exercise and physical activity