Exploring and Expressing the 'Big Ideas'

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Exploring and Expressing the 'Big Ideas' by Mind Map: Exploring and Expressing the 'Big Ideas'

1. Culture

1.1. Indigenous perspectives

1.1.1. Expression of Indigenous perspectives of the affect of the Federation and colonisation

1.1.2. Oral traditions Expressed through use of text by Julie in artworks

1.2. Bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures

1.2.1. Cultural hybridity used in art practices

1.3. Identity and Belonging

1.3.1. Cultural exploration and understanding forming a person's identity and sense of belonging

1.3.2. Julie Dowling's series explores and express her cultural identity and her perceptions on the world as understood through culture

1.4. Survival

1.4.1. The survival of Indigenous cultures despite history and political injustices

2. Politics

2.1. Political Injustices

2.1.1. Suffering of the Indigenous communities Continuity and change

2.2. Policy making

2.2.1. Effect it has on the individual and on communities Identity and Belonging

3. History

3.1. Oral traditions

3.2. Cause and Effect

3.2.1. Identity and Belonging: How history shapes who we are individually and as a society

3.3. Continuity and Change

3.3.1. Connection between each piece in the series and its show of continuity and change of legislation over differing periods of time, and how it has affected the Indigenous community

3.4. Survival

3.4.1. The survival of Indigenous cultures despite history and political injustices

3.5. Colonisation

4. Identity and Belonging

4.1. Overarching 'Big Idea,' which is inclusive of all 'Big Ideas' explored (culture, history, politics)

4.1.1. Julie Dowling uses 'Federation Series' as an exploration of her identity and belonging through exploring themes of culture, history, politics, time Explore and express this idea through thinking about personal culture, history, policies, and concepts of past and future

4.2. Portraiture as focal point of artworks in series; centres on understanding the identity of family member drawn

4.2.1. Explore and express: Develop self-portrait using various visual practices

4.3. 'Federation series' artworks explore the development of the self through considering the past and the future

4.3.1. Explore and express: Think about personal past and the future, and how this has shaped my identity