SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis

1. Threats

1.1. Personal Responsibility for Failure

1.2. Unqualified Interpreter Staff

1.3. Unfamiliar/Unaware Medical Staff

1.4. Diseases

1.5. Late Detection

1.6. High Cost of Healthcare

1.7. Political Climate/ACA

1.8. Language Barriers

1.9. System Built to Make Us Fail (Enrollment, etc.)

2. Strengths

2.1. People

2.2. Collective Culture/Responsibility

2.3. Diversity of Background, Education, and Experience

2.4. Grit, Resiliency, and Survival

2.5. Knowledgeable Leadership who are Aware of Needs

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Levels of Language Proficiency

3.2. Awareness of Right to Personal Translation Services

3.3. Lack of Regular/Preventative Care

3.4. Overuse of ER Services

3.5. Knowledge of Insurance Coverage/System

3.6. Unfamiliarity of U.S. Healthcare System

3.7. Limited Ability to Self-Advocate

3.8. Closed-in Communities

3.9. Change Cycles

4. Opportunities

4.1. Media Communications

4.2. Emergency Rooms & Medical Staff

4.3. Translation Certification Programs

4.4. Partner with APCA et al. (mobile medical)

4.5. Disaggregation of the Data

4.6. Changes in Legislation

4.7. Higher Education

5. Use Strengths to take Advantage of Opportunities

5.1. Educate Family and Friends; Change Their Roles from Interpreter to Advocate and After-care Facilitator

5.2. Intensive English Classes; Self-Care

5.3. Forward-Planning Community Advocacy; Future Generations and Extended Family

6. Use Strengths to Avoid Threats

6.1. Small Group Language Classes

6.2. Support Groups

6.3. Open Group Formats

6.4. Peer Support Facilitators

6.5. Community Leaders/Health Professionals

6.6. Political Action - APCA

7. Minimize Weaknesses and Avoid Threats

7.1. Education

7.2. Community Responsibility

7.3. Medical Interpreter Certification Program Requirements

7.4. Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities

7.5. Doctors and Urgent Cares who Advertise their Language Skills

7.6. Employ Social Workers as Part of Healthcare Team

7.7. Create a Healthcare Management System that is Dynamic

8. Overcome Weaknesses by Taking Advantage of Opportunities

8.1. Partnerships with Colleges

8.2. Advertise Interpreter Services

8.3. Distribute Language Line Ads

8.4. Community Advertisement

8.5. Workshops by DES/Health-E-Arizona