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User Generated Content by Mind Map: User Generated Content

1. Pull Technology

1.1. Mailing list

1.2. Newsgroup

1.3. Feeds

1.4. Web Slides

1.5. Podcasts

2. Email Based Communication

2.1. Mailings List

2.1.1. List of names of email address for a group

2.1.2. Sometimes called "Discussion Group"

2.1.3. Send by posting

2.2. Commands

2.2.1. request the list server to take a prescribed action

2.3. List Address

2.3.1. is the address to which you send messages and replies

2.4. Administrative Address

2.4.1. is the email address to which you send commands

2.5. List moderator

2.5.1. is a person who moderates a mailing list

3. Podcasting

3.1. lets a user subscribe to an audio or video feed

3.2. podcast is a subscription audio or video broadcast that is created and stored in a digital format

4. Mashups

4.1. uses an Application Programming Interface (API)

4.2. In a mashup, a developer combines the services from two different sites using the APIs from one or both sites to create a completely new site

5. Social Bookmarking

5.1. = bookmarking, but its for the public

5.2. tags needed to create social bookmarking

6. Chat

6.1. text chat

6.2. voice chat

6.3. video chat

7. Using Social Networks to Share Information

7.1. Wikipedia

7.2. Wikia

7.3. iLearn

8. Online Business & Political Networks

8.1. LinkedIN

9. Online Social Networks for Sharing Videos

9.1. youtube

9.2. instgram

10. Blogs

11. Microblogs