Chapter 3¨putting the plan in action¨

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Chapter 3¨putting the plan in action¨ by Mind Map: Chapter 3¨putting the plan in action¨

1. Maps and photograph

1.1. It can remind you of the location and what was happening in it

1.2. It can capture a specific teaching moment

1.3. It can capture facial expressions that might reflect aspects of people’s attitudes,thinking and ideas

2. Interviews

2.1. Structured interviews

2.2. Guided, or semi-structured interviews

2.3. Open-ended, conversational-type interviews.

3. Questionnaires/Surveys

3.1. Closed-ended items

3.2. Yes/No Questions

3.3. Rating Scales

3.4. Multiple choice items

4. Journals and logs

5. Asking: What do i need to know? and What do I need to see?

6. Collecting Data by

6.1. syllabus guidelines

6.2. lesson plans

6.3. textbooks

7. Technological Tools

8. Odserving and Describing