Earth Day April 22th

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Earth Day April 22th by Mind Map: Earth Day April 22th

1. Pollution

1.1. Pollution can ends our environment.

2. Recycle

2.1. We can finish from plastic an something else like the plastic bags and glasses then we recycle it.

3. Environment

3.1. We can safe save our environment by advice our people to save it from anything.

4. Trash

4.1. When we finished from something like plastic or something else we throw it in the trash.

5. Solutions

5.1. There is a solution for everything like we can throw the trash inside the garbage.

6. Communities

6.1. You can be the best person in your community by helping our earth.

7. Earth

7.1. We live in the Earth so we need to save it from anything.

8. Help

8.1. We should helping each others by save the environment.

9. Reduce

9.1. We can reduce waste.