Mobile Apps for Curriculum Development: Early Childhood Education Emphasis

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Mobile Apps for Curriculum Development: Early Childhood Education Emphasis by Mind Map: Mobile Apps for Curriculum Development: Early Childhood Education Emphasis

1. Spelling, Reading, and Letter Formation for the Young Learner

1.1. ABS Magic Phonics

1.1.1. An app that helps early education students learn the sounds of the alphabet, necessary for reading and enhancing reading ability

1.2. Alphabet Projector

1.2.1. An app that could be used to help early learners begin to recognize, understand and practice forming the letters of the alphabet

1.3. Alphabet Tracing

1.3.1. A fun app used to help young learners connect with concept in writing and understanding the alphabet

1.4. Rocket Speller

1.4.1. A spelling app particularly for early childhood students

2. Mobile Apps for Early Childhood Educators

2.1. PBS Kids

2.1.1. An app used to access free PBS video content, particularly in this case for the early childhood educator

2.2. Kindle

2.2.1. An app used to read Kindle books (as well as other Kindle magazines, textbooks, articles, etc.) and PDFs to allow the early learners to try pre-reading and beginning reading skills

2.3. Twitter Mobile App

2.3.1. An app with access to one of the world's most popular social media outlets; moreover, it is used to instantly connect the teacher with countless educational and curricular resources for their young learners

2.4. Common Core Standards App

2.4.1. A reference app for parents and teachers to become familiar with Common Core State Standards, particularly in this case, for early childhood education

2.5. Tiny Tap

2.5.1. An app used to create educational games and play thousands of others created by other teachers

3. Unique Mobile Apps

3.1. See.Touch.Learn

3.1.1. An app containing picture card games and exercises

3.2. TaptoTalk

3.2.1. A revolutionary app that could possibly be used to give a non-verbal early childhood student an outlet to connect to the outside world and "talk" as they play a game using picture indicators to communicate

3.3. Agnitus Games for Learning

3.3.1. An app used to encourage and strengthen early learning skills as the young learner plays